SD70 Collaborative Screwdriver

The Spin Robotics SD70 is a new all-in-one screw solution. It can easily screw in up to 4 screws per minute. This screw solution offers a wide range of screw sizes and precisely adjustable speed and torque. The SD70 is a brushless screw system designed to work with cooperating robots for safe, easy and consistent automated screwing. The SD70 is ideal for screws requiring up to 7 Nm of torque. Moreover, this screwdriver comes with a plethora of built-in features that not only facilitate robot integration but also support collaboration in work environments.

9,460.00 € 9460.0 EUR 9,460.00 € VAT Excluded

9,460.00 € VAT Excluded

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Brand Spin Robotics
Weight 2,4 kg
Max. speed 375 rpm
Min. torque 0.4 Nm
Max. torque 7 Nm
Min. speed 50 rpm
Screw size M4 - M6