The TM5-700, like the TM5-900, is one of the first robots Techman brought to market. Its predecessor has slightly more carrying capacity, but its longer reach makes this robot perfect for moving small objects over longer distances. The built-in vision system integrated into both hardware and software offers multiple application possibilities.

TM5-700: The standard version with camera.
TM5-700X: The same specifications as a TM5-900 but has no camera.
TM5-700M: It is powered by 24/48 Volts, is used for mobile applications.

23,800.00 € 23800.0 EUR 23,800.00 € VAT Excluded

23,800.00 € VAT Excluded

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TM-Version TM5-700 or TM5-700X or TM5-700M
Brand Techman Robot
Weight 22,1 kg
Payload 6 kg
Reach 700 mm
Degrees of freedom 6 DOF