The TM5-900, like the TM5-700 is one of Techman's first robots introduced to the market. The difference the TM5-900 has over the TM5-700 is that the reach is 900 mm. The disadvantage this robot then has is that the carrying capacity is reduced.

TM5-900: The standard version with camera.
TM5-900X: The same specifications as a TM5-900 but has no camera.
TM5-900M: This is powered by 24/48 Volts, is used for mobile applications.

25,900.00 € 25900.0 EUR 25,900.00 € VAT Excluded

25,900.00 € VAT Excluded

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TM-Version TM5-900 or TM5-900X or TM5-900M
Brand Techman Robot
Weight 22,6 kg
Payload 4 kg
Reach 900 mm
Degrees of freedom 6 DOF